Emergency Info

Our emergency service is designed to provide high quality care in the event of an emergency with your animal. We thank you for your understanding and welcome any suggestions. Call 601-268-8880 and our answering service will connect you with the emergency clinic or the large animal veterinarian on call.

Examples of Extremely Urgent Emergencies:

  • Female animal in labor and unable to deliver
  • Uncontrollable abdominal pain (colic)
  • Broken limb or acutely non-weight bearing on a limb
  • Severe bleeding that is not controlled with pressure
  • Animal down and unable to get up or animal trapped in trailer, stall or fence.
  • Acute (fast onset) of depression/lethargy

Examples of "Urgencies" or same day type emergencies: (please call ASAP to consult with one of the veterinarians)

  • Swollen, cloudy or painful eye
  • Severe, watery diarrhea
  • Laceration or severe trauma
  • High fever especially with loss of appetite
  • Mild colic that has not resolved in 45 to 60 minutes
  • Weak newborn, especially if it is not able to get up to nurse
  • Retained placenta (greater than 4 hours since delivery)
  • Choke (esophageal obstruction) that has not resolved in 30 minutes (horse)
  • Sudden loss of coordination or balance